24 September 2014


Having shared the concepts in Decision Model & Notation (DMN) from OMG and how it supports business rules task in BPMN Process Model, let look at the potentials between another business rules related specification, Semantics Of Business Vocabulary and Rules (SBVR), also from OMG.

Linking BPMN, DMN and SBVR

From artefacts built on SBVR to DMN models and BPMN models, here is a diagram showing my thoughts and understanding gathered from comments from OMG and the many articles written on or before the release of DMN.

Apart from these three specification (BPMN, DMN and SBVR), two other interesting specifications from OMG that add to the totality of a model driven business architecture (borrowing the term from business process - having the end-to-end business model) are the Business Motivation Model (BMM) that ties strategy to business processes and policies; and the Organization Modelling specification which seems to be MIA for the moment (missing-in-action :).

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