30 August 2013

Process, Process Model, Process Instance and Workflow?

"All processes must be executable," says the IT guy. "Aren't all processes working? Is there any process that doesn't work," the puzzled business manager asked.

Most of us would have no problem to grasp the concept of a "business process". However when used in conjunction with terms like "process model", "process instance" or even the word "process" itself, the conversation often get very muddy. Without giving any context, these terms are at times confusing especially where conversation is held between practitioners from different knowledge domains (perspectives). This paper illustrates the meaning of the terms when used in different perspectives and how they relate to each other.

27 August 2013

Business Process Architecture - From Value Chain to Process

Business process architecture not only describes the functional decompositions of an enterprise value chains but also enables an understanding of value streams showing chains of cross functional end-to-end business processes and their value proposition to the enterprise’s strategies. The business process bpmarchitecture is critical in all business process modelling works whether the work is for process documentation or process automation. This paper describes the variety of business process frameworks available for adoption as an organisation’s business process architecture and using it as an instrument to provide an over-arching control on the process modelling works and more importantly linking the loose processes to the organisational strategies.

08 August 2013

Using Extension Artefacts in BPMN Process Model

This paper explores the usage of extension artefacts in BPMN 2.0 process modelling. Extension artefacts are additional elements that can be used on a BPMN process model.